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INR self-testing is simple: an INR tester lets you test your INR at home or wherever you may be

With experience, some people choose to ‘self-manage’. This is where they are able do their own tests and then adjust their own warfarin dose accordingly, to an agreed protocol set out by their healthcare professional.

Instead of going to your GP surgery or hospital clinic, you can then call or email your results to your healthcare professional and they will be able to tell you how to adjust your warfarin dose, if needed.

Self-monitoring may reduce the number of clinic visits you need to make, saving you both time and money. The freedom of self-monitoring with CoaguChek opens up a whole new world, giving you more confidence to enjoy your leisure time and well-earned holidays away from home.

  • If you are self-testing, you need to report results back to clinic. Please remember that it is important that you do not alter the warfarin dose yourself – this must be done by a healthcare professional.
  • If you are self-managing, you adjust your warfarin dose yourself (according to an agreed protocol set out by their healthcare professional) with less frequent clinic check-ups to ensure all is being managed correctly.

Read more about the difference between self-testing and self-managing

What could it mean for you?

Making regular visits to the anticoagulation clinic can get in the way of daily life. Testing your own INR levels can bring both huge practical and health benefits. It frees up the time you used to spend waiting for, and going to and from appointments for INR tests. For some people, that can mean not having to take time off work for clinic appointments. It also makes business, travel and holidays more accessible. It’s not just more convenient, though. Testing more regularly (some research suggests weekly testing1) can help avoid complications from being outside your target range.

Could you self-test?

Self-testing works best for people who:

  • are on long-term warfarin
  • find their current routine of clinic visits inconvenient
  • want to be more active in looking after their health
  • have reasonable eye-sight
  • have reasonable manual dexterity (there’s no upper age limit)
  • have a healthcare professional who understands and supports self-testing

Taking charge of your health

Self-testing isn’t for everyone though, and you should talk to your healthcare team to discuss it as an option. It means taking responsibility for some of the things that your healthcare team currently does. You’ll need to stick to an agreed testing plan and develop a better understanding of warfarin and how your INR changes.

Want to know more? Hear what people who self-test think or read our information about talking to your doctor.

Providing accuracy and precision in INR monitoring

CoaguChek XS, an easy to use, portable meter that:

  • uses the same technology as clinic-based CoaguChek devices
  • has a proven level of accuracy and precision that correlates closely with a laboratory test2
  • Allows you to set your own therapeutic range
  • Is battery operated for easy operation and portability
  • Self-monitoring with CoaguChek XS is recommended by the NHS regulator, NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence)
1 Ref – C. Heneghan et al, (2006). Self-monitoring of oral anticoagulation: a systematic review and meta-analysis
2 Evaluation of the CoaguChek XS system. International Evaluation Workshop, 25th November, 2005,
Heidelberg, Germany. Roche Diagnostics.
3 NICE Diagnostics guidance [DG14]. September 2014

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CoaguChek® INRange meter kit available from £12.45** per month, excl. VAT


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** Interest free Easy Payment Plan – Patient only (maximum 1 individual purchase). Individual patients can benefit from an interest free Easy Payment Plan over 12 or 24 months from as little as £12.45 per month. In these cases the patient will need to make the purchase and a credit check will be required. This finance option is provided by Hitachi Capital (UK) plc. Terms and conditions apply.

Prices are correct at time of last update (November 2016). Prices and finance options are subject to change. Finance requires credit checks before approval.

*** Test strips are required and are available on prescription (GP’s discretion, prescription charges may apply). Care Line operational hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Patients who are chronically sick are eligible for VAT exemption, for more information please refer to HM Revenue and Customs on 0300 200 3700

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